Are There Side Effects of the Morning-After Pill?
Are There Side Effects of the Morning-After Pill?

Are There Side Effects of the Morning-After Pill?

You’ve heard about the morning-after pill, but you haven’t been in a position to consider taking it before. But here you are, and you have questions.  It’s natural and wise to ask questions before taking medication, and you’re asking yourself if the morning-after pill is safe and if there are side effects of the morning-after… Read More

How to Tell Your Boyfriend You’re Pregnant

How to Tell Your Partner You’re Pregnant

The thought of telling your partner you’re pregnant can certainly bring a rush of emotion. If this was an unexpected pregnancy, sharing the news can be particularly nerve-wracking. You may be wondering how to bring up the discussion, where to tell him, and what to say. Below are a few suggestions on how to tell… Read More

What Will the Abortion Pill Cost Me?

The Abortion Pill Cost

You can’t believe it. You’re pregnant. You didn’t expect this, and you never saw yourself in this situation. A thousand questions are swirling through your mind like: What am I going to do? What are my options? How much will these options cost? At Thrive St. Louis, we have licensed medical professionals and caring advocates… Read More

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Pregnancy Symptoms Before a Missed Period

Sometimes you might feel just a little bit “off.” Or maybe it’s your intuition that’s kicking in. It might be because —oops!— you forgot to use contraception. Whatever the case, there are times that you might be wondering, “Are there pregnancy symptoms before a missed period?” If you are worried that you are pregnant, and… Read More

Is the Morning-After Pill Over the Counter

Is the Morning-After Pill Over the Counter?

Panic rushes over you as you realize your birth control method just failed, so you call your best friend, and she suggests you take the morning-after pill. You aren’t sure how to go about getting it, and you might be asking: “Is the morning-after pill over the counter?” “How does it work?” “Do I need… Read More

Abortion Health and Safety: What You Need to Know Before You Decide

Abortion Health and Safety: What You Need to Know Before You Decide

No woman wants to be in a position to make a decision about an unexpected pregnancy. You feel suddenly thrown into an unfamiliar world of pressure, confusion, and unreliable advice. In the midst of the chaos, there is good news. You can be empowered to make a confident decision with accurate and unbiased information. At… Read More

importance of healthy communication with your partner in the event of an unplanned pregnancy

Healthy Communication With Your Partner During an Unexpected Pregnancy

You have hopes and dreams for your life, and you have goals you want to reach. Being pregnant wasn’t part of your plans, and now you’re bombarded with unwelcome emotions of fear and anxiety about what to do next. How do you communicate with your partner during an unplanned pregnancy? First, know you aren’t alone…. Read More

Dealing With Unplanned Pregnancy: Our Advice

Dealing With Unplanned Pregnancy

When you discover you’re unexpectedly pregnant, it can feel like you’re on a runaway train. Your emotions are high, and you feel out of control. Take a deep breath, and let’s talk about dealing with an unexpected pregnancy. Take One Step at a Time It’s too overwhelming to try to think about every scenario at… Read More

How Can Communication with Your Partner Help in the Event of an Unplanned Pregnancy

Communicating With Your Partner During an Unexpected Pregnancy

An unexpected pregnancy can throw anyone into a world of instant uncertainty. You never imagined making these hard decisions or having these necessary conversations with your partner right now. One thing that can help you navigate your unexpected pregnancy often gets overlooked: communication. In the content below, we define and discuss how communication can help… Read More


4 Reasons to Monitor Your Reproductive Health

Imagine what the world would be like if people could no longer reproduce. We couldn’t continue to exist. That’s why the reproductive system is such an important system in the body. Thankfully, we live in a time of increasing awareness about maintaining our health. We have more access to information, and we better understand how… Read More

What to Know About the Abortion Pill

What to Know About the Abortion Pill

Each year, more than 2.8 million women find themselves unexpectedly pregnant. These women might have some difficult decisions to face as they learn more about their options. While the “abortion pill,” (a medication-induced abortion) can seem like the simplest and most inexpensive way to end an unwanted pregnancy, this medication carries some serious physical and emotional… Read More

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Reasons For a Missed Period, Other Than Pregnancy

When you’ve missed your period and don’t want to be pregnant, it seems like the whole world comes crashing down on you. This could change the path you’ve chosen for yourself and it’s normal to have a rush of emotions. Did you know there are reasons for a missed period, other than pregnancy? At Thrive… Read More

Missed Period: Am I Pregnant?

Missed Period: Am I Pregnant?

A missed period is a moment that some women dread. Anxiously waiting for that time of the month, going to the bathroom in anticipation, and experiencing the growing stress — things no women want to experience. Unfortunately, missed periods happen, and they happen frequently. In fact, around 45% of pregnancies in the United States are… Read More

A Patient's Decision After These Long Difficult Weeks

A Patient’s Decision After These Long Difficult Weeks

For some women, an unplanned pregnancy can be scary. And the decision to follow can be even scarier. For one patient (we’ll call her patient “S”), it took several weeks to decide what to do.

Where to Seek Unplanned Pregnancy Help

Where to Seek Unplanned Pregnancy Help

For women who aren’t quite ready to be parents, there are few things scarier than facing an unplanned pregnancy. From the moment a second line appears on the test, it feels almost as if your life flashes before your eyes: all of the plans you had in your mind for the near future, from seeing… Read More