Where to Seek Unplanned Pregnancy Help

Where to Seek Unplanned Pregnancy Help

Where to Seek Unplanned Pregnancy Help

For women who aren’t quite ready to be parents, there are few things scarier than facing an unplanned pregnancy. From the moment a second line appears on the test, it feels almost as if your life flashes before your eyes: all of the plans you had in your mind for the near future, from seeing a movie next month to moving cross-country next year, suddenly seem far away and out of reach.

Finding yourself frustrated and scared is understandable, but you don’t have to do it alone. Here’s where you can turn for unplanned pregnancy help, guidance, and support.

Your Partner

If your pregnancy is the product of a loving relationship, it’s best to speak with your partner about your thoughts and feelings. The news is likely to be shocking and hard to handle for him, too, but in most cases, you’ll be partners in parenthood, making this discovery a situation you must share together. While you are the only one who can ultimately make a decision, the support of a partner can make all the difference when you’re not sure where to turn.

Parents and Trusted Loved Ones

The news of an unplanned pregnancy is almost always overwhelming, no matter your age, profession, or place in life. When you need support in those early days, family is often a good support system. Your parents or other family members may be worried about you, but their unconditional love can help you feel confident and sure in your choices as you navigate the challenging waters ahead.

A Pregnancy Care Center

When you find yourself unexpectedly pregnant, you may feel too scared or alone to talk to the people closest to you. You may want to handle the challenges yourself, making your own decision before telling your family members and close friends. If this is the case, a pregnancy care center could be your number one resource. As a clinic specifically designed to support women in need, Thrive St. Louis can help you make the right choice for you. With services that range from confidential options counseling to lab-quality pregnancy tests, we can help you understand your options and the resources available to you. We’re happy to lend you a listening ear, help you work through your situation and provide guidance you can trust. From parenthood to adoption, we’ll guide you toward a path that’s right for you and your needs.

If you or someone you love is struggling with an unplanned pregnancy, help is here. At Thrive St. Louis, we can provide comprehensive services and support, no matter the road that the lies ahead. Schedule an appointment today!