Why This Patient’s Ultrasound Was Fist Bump Worthy

Why This Patient’s Ultrasound Was Fist Bump Worthy

Why This Patient's Ultrasound Was Fist Bump Worthy

It’s one thing to find out you’re pregnant, but it’s another to find out you’re having twins. For some women, finding out they’re pregnant comes with a bit of stress. Parenting is a big life change! That’s why we offer our Parent University program. During the program, our patients gain parenting knowledge and earn free baby items (like diapers, baby clothes, strollers, etc.). We want the mommies-to-be who walk through our doors to feel prepared and supported. For one patient, the preparation and support were doubled!

A patient came into one of our centers for a free ultrasound recently. She knew she was pregnant, but had the surprise of her life when she saw not one, but two 23 week old babies appear on the screen. She had no idea she was having twins! This is why an ultrasound is an important next step after finding out you’re pregnant via pregnancy test.

During the course of the ultrasound, twin A reached over to twin B and something crazy happened…they fist bumped! The patient became tearful and said, “What am I going to do with two?…I guess I’ll just love them.” Judging by their playful behavior, we’re pretty sure those twins were planning the surprise! Ok, not really. But you never know what incredible things you might see during an ultrasound appointment.

Schedule a free ultrasound appointment today and if you choose to parent, ask your Sonographer about our Parent University program! Whether you’re having twins or just one, ThriVe St. Louis can provide you with important first-step medical services and continued support at no cost to you!