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Thank you for connecting with ThriVe Women’s Healthcare during your recent Telehealth Appointment! We reviewed a lot of important information about your reproductive health, your sexual health, and your pregnancy options. Below is the list of items that may have been reviewed with you during your virtual appointment.  We encourage you to read through the material again as you consider your choices and next steps.  If you haven’t scheduled your lab grade pregnancy test or confirmed your pregnancy through a medical sonogram yet, call our helpline at 314-773-4626. ThriVe offers both of these medical services at no cost. We look forward to helping you with these next steps and following up with you in the near future!  

Click on the links below:

Adoption and You

Abortion Health and Safety Checklist

Abortion Information Brochure

Alcohol Use in Pregnancy

Breast Care and Screening Information

Fetal Development from Last Menstrual Period

Healthy Pregnancy Booklet

Marijuana Fact Sheet

Miscarriage and Ectopic Pregnancy Information

Prescription Medications and a Positive Pregnancy Test

Smoking During Pregnancy

Spiritual Support for You

STDs During Pregnancy

Support After Abortion

Your Sexual Exposure and STDs