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Are you worried about your future?

This Wasn’t Supposed to Happen

An unplanned pregnancy at this time in your life can have you questioning everything – your future, your relationships, and your options. Students have unique concerns, and ThriVe® St. Louis can help you get answers and find hope. We are into caring about you, not judging you. Our free and confidential services will help you work through this difficult time and find the best decision for you.


Make an Appointment

Your FIRST STEP is to make an appointment to verify your pregnancy. Even if you’ve already taken a home test, our free pregnancy tests are medical quality and provide more accuracy than most home tests.

NEXT, if your pregnancy test is positive and you meet the medical assessment criteria, you will have a free limited obstetrical ultrasound performed by our certified sonographer. The ultrasound will help determine the viability of your pregnancy (nearly 20% of pregnancies end naturally in miscarriage) and will provide valuable information to help you make choices regarding your pregnancy.

Thinking About an Abortion?

We are here to talk with you confidentially and without judgment about all of your options. We don’t benefit financially from any decision you make – so we are able to provide accurate medical information about abortion procedures, risks, and your rights. Our patient advocates and nurses will answer your questions and concerns.