4 Benefits of a No Cost Women’s Clinic

4 Benefits of a No Cost Women’s Clinic

Think you might be pregnant? Maybe you already took a home pregnancy test, and the results were positive. If you weren’t expecting to be pregnant, you probably feel overwhelmed right now. As you think about what to do next, you may do some research online. Many clinic choices pop up, so how do you choose which one to visit?

Some women’s clinics charge fees for their services, and others, like Thrive STL, don’t. How can a clinic charge you no fees? And how does a no cost women’s clinic benefit you? We’ll answer those questions for you here.

Benefits of a No Cost Women’s Clinic

  1. There’s no financial obstacle to access the care you need: Coping with an unexpected pregnancy is stressful enough. Trying to figure out how to pay for care you need isn’t something Thrive STL wants you to worry about. We have so many kindhearted volunteers and generous donors who cover all costs, so that’s a burden you don’t need to carry.
  2. Earlier pregnancy confirmation: Since you don’t need to worry about the costs, you won’t have to delay getting the care you need. More options are available to you if your pregnancy is confirmed early. If you’re considering abortion, your chances of post-abortion complications are reduced when you’re earlier in your pregnancy.
    If you’re considering carrying your pregnancy to term, early prenatal care will help promote a healthy pregnancy. You can start making positive lifestyle changes sooner, like taking important prenatal vitamins.
  3. Compassionate clinic staff: Licensed medical professionals who work in no cost women’s clinics typically do so because they have a passion to empower women. At Thrive, we understand how difficult it is to make a decision about your pregnancy. We want you to have accurate, unbiased information. That way, you can truly make the best decision for you.
  4. No profit, no pressure: A no cost clinic won’t pressure you into a pregnancy option, since your choice doesn’t benefit the clinic financially. A no cost women’s clinic gets its financial support from outside sources. Thrive STL is designed this way intentionally so that we can empower you to make an informed choice about your pregnancy — without thinking about how your choice impacts our budget.

Accurate Information is Available

We’ve reviewed just a few benefits of a no cost women’s clinic and invite you to make an appointment at Thrive STL today. You deserve all the benefits above. Our compassionate licensed medical professionals will walk with you step by step, answer your questions, and provide services at no charge to you.