3 Signs You Might Be Pregnant (and how to know for sure)

3 Signs You Might Be Pregnant (and how to know for sure)

3 Signs You Might Be Pregnant

3 Signs You Might Be Pregnant (and how to know for sure).

1. You’re still waiting on your period.

It doesn’t hit you until you randomly notice the date on your phone, but you’re pretty sure its been more than a month since your last period. No worries! There are a few reasons your body might have switched gears, including stress, a change in your exercise regimen or weight, or an oncoming illness. But you could also be left waiting because of pregnancy, thyroid issues, or a hormonal change. If it’s one of the latter, it’s best to find out sooner than later so you can get the medical support you need to make sure your health is in check!

2. You’re exhausted.

Ok, let’s be honest. We’re all exhausted, all the time. So this one might be hard to catch. But if you find yourself looking around at work wondering if there’s a dark corner where no one would see you curl up for a quick snooze, it might be more than just your late-night Netflix binges. The truth is, before you can even test positive for pregnancy your body has already been hard at work fueling up your placenta and growing a human. No easy task! So go easy on yourself and get the rest you need until you can check in and confirm the reasons behind your newfound narcolepsy.

3. You suddenly can’t stand the smell of perfume, food, candles, etc

If your nose has gotten more sensitive, you might want to check out why. Maybe it’s that your coworker is wearing twice the perfume she normally spritzes on, but if you have a recurring sensation of being overwhelmed or strangely turned off to certain smells, your nose may be trying to tell you something.


ThriVe St. Louis can give you a quick, free, confidential and medical grade pregnancy test so that you can either tactfully handle the perfume perpetrator or know that it’s just a passing symptom of your new super-human status (pregnant!!) and it’s time to explore your options. ThriVe will help.

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