Can You Reverse the Effects of the Abortion Pill?

Can You Reverse the Effects of the Abortion Pill?

Can You Reverse the Effects of the Abortion Pill

There is still a chance you can save your pregnancy if you’ve started the abortion pill process but have changed your mind.

Making an unplanned pregnancy decision is one of the hardest things you’ve ever had to do. You gathered as much information as you could and considered how each of your options might impact your life. Every day, women are making these tough decisions, and even though each choice seems too hard, the decision has to be made.

But what if you start the abortion pill process and then change your mind? You’re not alone; many women feel regret after starting the abortion process. If you’re reading this page, it’s possible that you, or someone you care about, is wondering if the effects of the abortions pill can be reversed. The short answer is, yes.

In this blog, we’ll talk about how the abortion pill works and your next steps if you change your mind.

I’ve Changed My Mind. What Are My Next Steps?

If you’ve changed your mind about your pregnancy, or even if you’re just unsure about continuing the abortion process, your first step is not to take the second abortion pill medication, misoprostol.

Even if the clinic who provided you with the abortion pills told you that you must take the second pills, do not take them if you’re unsure. Misoprostol induces bleeding and cramping causing your body to expel the pregnancy

Your next step is to contact Abortion Pill Rescue (APR) right away. You can talk to them confidentially through their 24/7 helpline, an online chat, or by email. You can speak with a healthcare professional by phone any time of the day or night at (877) 558-0333. They will help you at no cost, providing information about the abortion pill, the abortion pill reversal process, and your options.

If they determine you’re eligible for the reversal process, APR can refer you to a doctor or clinic in your area to get it started. APR also offers resources to help with the cost of reversal if you need it.

Is It Too Late to Change My Mind?

Can you reverse the effects of the abortion pill? If you’ve only taken the first pill, mifepristone, you might be able to reverse the effects of the abortion pill. Mifepristone works by blocking the vital progesterone hormone that sustains the lining of your uterus and allows your body to continue your pregnancy.

Many women just like you have started the abortion process by taking mifepristone, but then changed their minds. Time is critical, though, if you want to reverse the effects of the abortion pill.

The abortion pill reversal treatment is most effective if you can start it within 24 hours of taking the first abortion pill.  However, pregnancies have successfully continued after 72 hours of taking mifepristone, so get in touch with APR even if more time has passed.

You might already be spotting or cramping from the mifepristone, but don’t get discouraged because you can still successfully continue your pregnancy.

What Happens During the Abortion Pill Reversal Process?

You will be referred to a medical provider in your area who can help you with the abortion pill reversal treatment. After talking with you and answering your questions, they perform an ultrasound to verify that your pregnancy is still viable. They will look for a fetal heartbeat, location of the pregnancy, and determine how far along you are.

If the ultrasound reveals your pregnancy is viable, and you choose to continue the abortion pill reversal process, a doctor or nurse will prescribe progesterone for you. You will usually take the progesterone in a pill form by mouth, but sometimes it is taken vaginally or by injection.  

The reversal treatment will usually continue throughout your first trimester of pregnancy.

Why Progesterone?

Progesterone is a natural hormone you have in your body. Your body needs progesterone while you’re pregnant because it causes the uterine lining to thicken so it can sustain a pregnancy.

When you take mifepristone, it starts the abortion process by attaching to your body’s progesterone receptors. This means your body unable to recognize its progesterone, and that causes the uterine lining to break down.

When you take progesterone to reverse the abortion pill, the goal is to cancel the effects of the mifepristone by outnumbering it with progesterone so that your uterus can continue preparing a safe environment for pregnancy.

Progesterone treatment usually continues through the end of your first trimester of pregnancy.

Does Abortion Pill Reversal Treatment Work?

Many women report successful pregnancies after effective abortion pill reversal treatment. Statistically, 64-68 percent of pregnancies proceed to term after women choose the reversal protocol. The sooner you start treatment, the higher your possibility is of continuing your pregnancy.

There is still nearly a 50 percent chance of a successful pregnancy if you don’t take the second abortion pills but also choose not to take the progesterone treatment to reverse your abortion.

Is There a Higher Risk of Birth Defects?

No. Research reveals that mifepristone doesn’t appear to cause birth defects. The progesterone used in abortion pill reversal treatment is the same as progesterone used by physicians during pregnancy for the past fifty years. Mifepristone nor progesterone are linked to an increased rate of birth defects.

A study of 754 women who went through the protocol for abortion pill reversal showed that the rate of birth defects is the lower or the same as the general population, so it appears to be safe.

What if I Reverse the Abortion But I’m Not Ready to Be a Parent?

The thought of parenting a child can be overwhelming when you think about finances and lifestyle changes. After an abortion reversal, you have time to make plans and decisions for your future, and Thrive STL is here to help you. We provide confidential resources to help you overcome parenting obstacles or provide adoption resources.

Resources include:

  • Verification for Medicaid and WIC applications
  • Resources and community referrals to help you with practical/material needs
  • Parenting Classes: Earn coupons to get maternity and baby items. For a current list of ThriVe® Parent University Classes, please call (314) 773-4626
  • Information on types of adoption
  • Resources to make an informed decision about adoption
  • Adoption agency referrals

If you think you might be pregnant or have regrets about having started the abortion pill process, get in touch with us today at Thrive STL. Our trained advocates and licensed medical professionals are available to answer your questions compassionately and without judgment.