Abortion St. Louis: What You Need to Know

Abortion St. Louis: What You Need to Know

Abortion St. Louis: What You Need to Know

When you’re seeking an abortion in St. Louis, you may feel as though you’ve already thought through all of your options. However, even if you’ve made your decision, it’s always helpful to consider your next steps in a supportive environment. Read on to learn about three important abortion facts before you make a final decision about your future.

Do You Have an STI?

While there are many STDs and STIs that can cause pregnancy complications during childbirth, an untreated sexually transmitted infection can also lead to some significant health problems down the road if you have a surgical abortion. This type of abortion can force the bacteria causing your STI through your cervix and into your uterus, potentially leading to pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), which can cause infertility, or even increasing your risk of cervical, uterine, or ovarian cancer.¹ Thrive offers confidential STD testing, where abortion clinics may or may not test you before the procedure, potentially risking your health in the process.

Many Abortions Aren’t Covered by Health Insurance

Because abortion is a controversial topic, many health insurance policies don’t provide coverage for this procedure. Often, it can be hard to figure out exactly what is and isn’t covered, even after contacting your insurance company and specifically requesting this information. As a result, some women may find themselves facing a hefty medical bill during one of the most stressful times of their life.

Prepare for All Outcomes

One of the most common responses many women have after seeking an abortion is “no one told me what to expect.” Make an Appointment today to talk to one of our experienced advocates to get all of the facts.

If you’re pregnant, considering an abortion, and aren’t sure exactly where to turn, Thrive St. Louis can help by providing you with the following services:

  • A lab-quality pregnancy test to ensure you are actually pregnant
  • An ultrasound or other viability check to see whether you are at risk for a miscarriage
  • An STI check to ensure you’re not suffering from any conditions that could complicate your reproductive future

These services are all provided at low or no cost, and Thrive’s compassionate staff can help walk you through your decision in a judgement-free environment, to make sure you’re fully aware of abortion facts and alternatives.


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